As Built Drawings are a revised set of drawing submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project or particular job. These drawings reflect all the changes made during construction and show the exact dimensions, geometry, materials used and location of all elements of the work completed. As Built drawings forms part of the key project deliverable for the completion of a project and a contractual obligation.

What We Need to provide you the As Built drawings is the following:

  1. An email copy of the original CAD drawing files in .dwg format
  2. A copy of the Marked up RED LINE PDF drawings which show all the changes
  3. Your company logo to add to the title block- if required

Once we have all of the above, we will make the CAD changes, update the drawing status, add your company logo and return the revised drgs as “ AsBuilts “ to you in .pdf and .dwg format.

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

We offer a complete range of Paper to CAD Conversion Services, PDF to DWG conversion, hand sketch to CAD conversion, image to CAD conversion Services with exact precision at very competitive rates.

We convert all type of drawings from Architectural, Structural to Mechanical

There are numerous advantages for Converting Paper drawings to CAD format:

  • Helps to store drawings in more organized manner.
  • Eliminates misplaced drawings.
  • Reproducibility and modification of drawings are easier.
  • Easier to flow information via email.
  • Immediate availability of required information.

Depending on type of project our CAD conversion charges are on fixed price basis for conversion of fixed set of paper drawings. We also offer our pricing based on sheet sizes (A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0) as per our clients requirement.

Contact Us for your Paper to CAD Conversion project as we assure you our quality CAD drawing will be at a very competitive pricing.